Hi, my name is Reilee Slusarchuk and I am in my third year of the Indigenous Education program. I am taking my classes in my home town of Yorkton which is nice since I get to stay close to my family and save money for future travel plans. I plan on travelling overseas to Thailand to teach English for a year. I love travelling and being able to explore different parts of the world while also being able to make a difference in children’s lives.

I come from a very outgoing and supportive family who always push me to do the best I can and help me pursue the goals that I have in mind. I feel that coming from a family like this has made it easier to adapt in new environments and get along with everyone around me. I love having a bubbly personality and being an easy person to get along with.

My love for teaching started at a very young age. I remember always telling my mom how I always wanted to be a teacher when I grew up. Being able to achieve my dream of becoming an educator has taught me a lot. As my journey as an educator has just started I believe there is always room for growth and there is constant learning that will always happen.As a teacher I want my classroom to be a place where my students feel is a safe place to learn and achieve everything that their minds are capable of making them do.

I believe that there is nothing a person can’t achieve if they put their heart and mind together to make the dream become a reality. Thanks for joining me through my educational journey!


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