Let’s Take A Closer Look📸

This week I decided to focus my learning on close up and focus shots. This is also known as macro photography! These shots are made for the photographer to get pictures up close to show precise detail. 

I found it a bit easier to take close up shots with my phone using portrait mode.Portrait mode is on is on Apple 7 plus and newer phones. This option allows the camera to focus on just one object and blur out the background making the object extremely clear. I had to watch a video on YouTube on how to change my camera to be able to take clear close shots. I found this a bit confusing changing and fooling around with all the settings on my camera. One tip that I found to help a lot was making sure the flash was on and staying as sturdy as I could while taking the photo. Personally I found that my iPhone and camera are pretty equal to how clear they take pictures. What do you think? 

 I decided not to worry about editing these first set of photos because I wanted to show how much detail is shown in the original photos.

Here are some different shots I got from both my camera and iPhone! I can’t believe how much technology has changed over the years and how great the cameras on our phones have gotten. Pretty crazy I think ! Everything we need is right at our fingertips.

Snow on tree captured with my Canon XSI
Cattail picture captured with my Canon Rebel XSI
Bo captured with my Canon XSI
Captured with Canon XSI
Mia captured on my iPhone XR
Cattails captured with my iPhone
Ladder shot captured with iPhone XR

Is there any other tips or advice  you could give me for trying something else with macro photography ? 

7 thoughts on “Let’s Take A Closer Look📸

  1. It looks like you’ve spent some time researching this, great work. I would encourage you to try and get some shots that are even more close up so that more detail can be shown. What mm lens do you have? I’m not sure how much money you want to spend, but some lenses have the ability to zoom in more than others which would help to get a closer shot. You could also accomplish this by standing with the camera very close to your subject and then focusing it. Can’t wait to track your progress.


    • Hey Meg! I have a 18-55mm lens and I definitely hope to upgrade eventually once I save up for a new one. Thanks for your tips, I will definitely try standing closer to get more precise pictures for future shots!


  2. Reliee,

    It is so true that technology is at our fingertips with our phones. I was going to say “merely”, but, our phones are capable of so many things that it is a lot more complex than we think! I have used youtube a lot for tutorials and it has helped greatly. Also, if you have any photographers that you enjoy their work, some may even have blogs or websites that provide more tutorials specific to that type of photography! For example, I prefer portraiture, so I follow a photographer named Sue Bryce whom I subscribe to yearly and she provides a lot of tutorials related to everything portrait and business. Looking forward to seeing your future shots!


    • Hey Alicia, I never thought of following different photographers on blogs or websites until the other day! Thanks for the great suggestion! I will be sure to follow Sue Bryce to see what techniques I can learn from her. Thanks for the great advice


  3. This is my favourite type of photography! I took Photography 20 in high school and would take pictures like this every chance I could. I didn’t even know there was a specific name for it! These pictures look fantastic! I will be keeping up with your blog for sure to see more excellent photos!



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