Get that timer ready ⏱

This week I thought I would try to do something a little bit harder to accomplish. My mind was set on action shots for this week’s learning post. The trickiest part of these photos is having the perfect timing otherwise these pictures don’t turn out the way they were supposed to! I used my I Phone XR for these photos since it has a burst option. This mode allows me to take multiple photos all at once almost as if it was a live photo.

I had no idea where to even start when it came to action shots so I started my search on Pinterest (honestly my favorite place to find everything I need ). I found some awesome blogs to follow that clearly outlined what to do to take that perfect action shot! The one blog gave a step by step progress and even gave recommendations to which lens would work for this type of shot! I am so thankful for this girl’s blog because it allowed me to get some pretty cool shots.

My favorite photo to attempt was the boiling water and cold temperatures outside. I have seen this done a few times and it had me amazed. The water freezes into droplets right when it’s thrown in the air and calls for a really cool photo! It took a few attempts to get the perfect shot/angle but I think I nailed it. I was a bit cautious about having the water not freeze and drop back down on my sister. Thank goodness that didn’t happen because that would have been a nightmare!

The second action shot photo I decided to take was with glitter. It ended in a huge mess but turned out exactly how I wanted it to! I wish I would have got a picture of my dog after this project was over. Gosh was it funny!

I can say that I am really enjoying doing photography for my learning project. It has allowed me to test my creativity and explore new things that photography has to offer! If anyone has any other advice or ideas of what I could try, that would be appreciated! Thanks a bunch for following along in my journey 🙂

Thanks so much for following along!

3 thoughts on “Get that timer ready ⏱

  1. These pictures turned out so amazing! I love photography and action shots! Sounds like you have found great resources on Pinterest! I never thought to look on Pinterest for tips about photography! I look forward to see your future posts, good luck with your learning project!


  2. Wow, these action shots look great! You should try sport photography action shots if you know anyone who is an athlete. I’m glad that you are enjoying your project so far, I can already tell you’ve made a lot of progress.


  3. This is so cool! I really love the boiling water shot. It turned out perfectly. Pinterest is definitely the best place to find ideas and resources for pretty much anything. Looks like you’re experimenting with some really unique and interesting photography. I’m looking forward to your progress throughout the rest of the semester.


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