Let’s Examine The Skies🌥📷

This week I had a difficult time deciding what I was going to photograph. I decided to take a look at Google and see what other options I had to choose from. Landscape and animal photography really caught my eye as I was going through the different types of photography.

 I was determined to get photos of the great amounts of wildlife behind my acreage but those animals are scared of me for some reason(or I’m scared of them, not sure haha). So sad to say every time I tried getting close enough to get a photo of them they ran and the picture became nothing but a blur. I find Saskatchewan’s variety of wildlife beautiful. So instead of wildlife, I decided to take more photos of my dog (I am OBSESSED with him), and my boyfriend’s dog. Both of our animals are very energetic which makes it difficult to take a good picture of them sitting still. For these pictures, I kept my camera in portrait mode so it would focus on the dog’s faces. I will admit that more than a couple of treats were needed for them to cooperate. 

One reason I love living in Sask is being able to see the gorgeous sunsets and sunrises. Sask is known for the sunsets and sunrises which is why it has gotten the name “land of the living skies”. I honestly can say I will never get sick of seeing the skies. I decided to take a drive around my acreage and see what type of landscape photos I was able to capture. My favorite pictures were the abandoned barn in the middle of a field and the railway car beside the abanded house. I felt that these photos had the most character to them. I found different websites on how to take great landscape photos. I also watched a video on youtube on how to properly put my camera into the right setting. I really enjoyed taking these pictures and there wasn’t much to learn besides putting the camera into landscape mode and keeping the flash off. Very straightforward for this type of photography. 

I took quite a few pictures this week so I decided to use an app called slideshow on my phone. I had to import all the pictures from my camera to my phone so I could make a video with them. This app is free for the first seven days but after you have to pay $3.99/ per week. I decided to give it a try since it seemed to have some pretty cool features to it! Using the first media icon on the left  I was able to upload all the photos I took and was able to rearrange them in any order I liked. They give you different options on what “mood” you want to put your pictures in which is just like changing the filter on the photos. I choose to not change the mood since the colors in my photos were very beautiful by themselves. This app also allows you to add in music by clicking the music note icon and also allows you to change how long the photos will be shown using the timer icon. I decided to set mine to 1.5 seconds so it didn’t seem like the video was dragging. I loved how this app gave a good variety of things to do when it came to making a slideshow. When you are completed you are able to share it to almost any social media site using the share icon on the right. This app is very easy and straight forward to use for beginners like me. I really enjoyed using this app for making a slideshow of my pictures and will definitely be using it for other projects in the future!

Check out my video I made with the SLIDESHOW app!

7 thoughts on “Let’s Examine The Skies🌥📷

  1. Great post, you have captures some amazing photos. It is funny how we often think we must travel away from our homes to find beautiful landscapes and sites to see, however, as you have shown some of the most beautiful pictures can be captures right here at home. I found your comments about taking pictures of your dogs funny about how its hard to get pictures that aren’t just a blur, I share the same problem in taking picture of my kids, haha. Enjoy the remainder of the break!


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  2. I’ve loved following along with your photography journey! The pictures of you and your boyfriend’s dogs really capture their spirit, so cute. I’m not sure what type of camera you have or if it has a similar feature, but mine is a Nikon D3200 and it has a guide mode that explains what settings to use for your desired effect which I’ve found to be quite helpful.
    I also enjoyed watching your finished project, the music you picked really set a happy tone to go along with your great images!

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  3. I love to see these photography blogs! I always try to capture the sunset with my camera too! I also really like to take pictures of landscapes and old buildings. You have so very cute and cuddly subjects to take pictures of too! The first close up was so cute I wanted to pet him through the screen! I really like the choices you made while editing the video. The pictures were at a great length, that wasn’t too fast but didn’t take forever. I also enjoyed that you put music over the slideshow. It made it so sweet! If in the future you want to make another slide show but your free trial is up, iMovie can do the same sorts of things! Can’t wait to see what you capture next!

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  4. Hey there!

    Your slideshow turned out so well! The music was a nice touch. So fortunate that you are out in the country to capture those gorgeous SK sunsets. The picture of the snowy field with the featured barn to the right is my favourite photograph.

    Perhaps this is coming in later in your project, however, have you considered editing your photos? by the looks of your screenshots, you own an iPhone. I must say, the editing mode in the Photo app on the iPhone is fabulous and does well for all of my photography needs. I have also heard that Apple is planning to release a whole app dedicated to photoshop, however, I do not imagine that it will be released by the time our classes come to an end in April.

    Good luck with future photos, keep up the great work!


  5. Hi Reilee! You captured some beautiful photos this week. I absolutely LOVE landscape photography and Saskatchewan has some pretty amazing views. Your dogs are also so cute! I really like how you put your photos into a video and put music in the background. The app you used sounds really good and I might have to try it for my learning project too! Can’t wait to see what else you capture.


  6. Awesome pictures Reilee! I totally agree with you about never getting sick of the Saskatchewan skies. I have always said that I am a sunset lover as well. It’s funny that you mentioned about how hard it is to get animals to cooperate for pictures, I recently was looking at the app store on my Iphone and noticed they have an app called “DogCam”. It features different sounds such as a dog whistle, squeak toy, etc. so that the dogs will look at the camera. I tried it with my dog and it actually seemed to work okay, surprisingly! Maybe it’s something you’d like to try out, even though it’s not through your camera. Let me know if you end up using it and how you like the app! I look forward to seeing more of your photography!


  7. These photos are amazing Reilee! Are you taking them off of your phone? I am the same way when it comes to seeing the sunset and the Saskatchewan skies, I never get sick of looking at them. It’s even better that the beauty of your photos can be found in our own backyards. That being said, I also have dogs at home, so I understand the struggle of trying to take pictures of them. It definitely is a struggle every time! I can’t wait to see more of your photos!


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