Bon Appetit🥗🥓

This week I decided to take on food photography. I really enjoyed taking photos of my food but I am incredibly sorry to anyone who gets hungry looking at these photos. I will link the recipes to all the meals I have made since they were all to die for!

This week I also decided I was going to edit the photos that I took. I used the basic editor on my iPhone which I found did the job well. I adjusted the brightness, highlights, and shadows so I was able to make the food stand out in the photos and be more vibrant. I also adjusted the contrast in the photos to adjust the tones that were available in the photos. I took multiple pictures of the food I made just so I could get the best angle. I swear my family thought I was crazy from how interested I was with the food I cooked lol. I kept my camera in the original AV mode which adjusts the lighting in the photos before taking the photo. I used my best friend google to find out which mode was the best for this type of photography. I followed along with COOKIE and Kate to find out some of the best tips to take food photography.

The first meal I made was a chicken bacon ranch chicken breast. I would have to say it was my favorite out of everything I have made. The chicken was so moist and had so much flavor. I added tomatoes on top after to just for some extra flavor. With the chicken, I roasted some asparagus in the oven. I drizzled olive oil over them with minced garlic and herb and garlic seasoning. I let them cook in the oven for 10 minutes then added cheese to be melted onto them. The cheese added so much flavor and made them taste incredible!! For dessert, I bought a chocolate caramel pecan cheesecake from the M&M meat shop. 10/10 would recommend for anyone that has a sweet tooth.

The next meal I made is for all the seafood and salad lovers out there. I made garlic shrimp with a mixed green salad and stuffed mushrooms.The shrimp were sauteed in butter and garlic spread seasoning. I allowed them to sit and simmer on the stove for a good 5-10 minutes so all the flavor could absorb into the shrimp. The green salad had a variety of romaine lettuce, kale, spinach and some red cabbage in it topped with creamy poppy seed dressing. The stuffed mushrooms I just created myself with whipping together cheddar cheese, celery, peppers, and onions. It will make your lips water it is so appetizing and filling!

Hope I didn’t make you to hungry with these photos! Thanks for following along with my photography journey, stay tuned for more photos 🙂

4 thoughts on “Bon Appetit🥗🥓

  1. Oh my gosh I was warned but I am still hungry looking at these pictures! All of the pictures turned out great! The shrimp one especially made me hungry; the colours were so vivid! I didn’t realize all you can do editing in camera roll! I usually edit my pictures in other apps. I found a really great app that can edit out details in pictures like things you may not want to be in the background. It is called Retouch, and I think it costs about $3. It is a really great tool! Thanks for sharing your post and pictures this week, excited for what you do next!


  2. Welp, you are right, I am now hungry, and sad my chicken I am making tonight is not what you made. The food looks great, and the photos show the yumminess of the food. Thanks for sharing your post and pictures this week, I see a new Instagram account in the future based on food pictures. Enjoy


  3. Wow, both your food and photography look great! I definitely am hungry after looking at these photos… the brightening and colour enhancing of each photo also make the flavours of each dish pop out. Not to mention that garlic shrimp is one of my favourite foods! It reminds me of eating it on the deck in the summertime. I have had stuffed mushrooms before, but never with cheddar cheese, so it looks like I’ll definitely have to try your recipe next time I make them. Thank you for this mouth-watering post, and I look forward to reading more soon!


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