Important Info For Karen

This week me and Ashlyn decided to have a conversation between a parent and the teacher regarding using social media in the classroom. The parent Karen is very unsure of using social media in the classroom since she doesn’t know to much about it and thinks it will take away from her child’s learning. The teacher sees Karen’s concerns and assures Karen of why they are using it and the benefits it may have within the classroom. We used a website called Fake text message to make this look like a real life conversation and something you could experience as a teacher. We all know that there is both pros and cons to using social media within the classroom, but if you are only using the media for the right reasons you could avoid having problems. It is very important to have internet safety talks with your students no matter what age they are. Technology is a part of life now and everyone including kids have access to it all the time. Even though in this situation the teacher is not allowing the students to have access to the social media account in the classroom, it is important for the students to know what and what not to do when they are using the sites on their own time. I found a great website that has all the tips and tricks to practicing safe online and social media safety!

2 thoughts on “Important Info For Karen

  1. Hey Reilee! It was great to work with you on this blog post. I love how even though this is an online class, we still have the opportunity to interact with our classmates and meet new people.


  2. I love that you were able to collaborate on this post with a classmate. It was a great idea to create a scenario about a parent-teacher conversation that could occur. Also, it is so true that if social media is used safely and correctly that it is a great tool in the classroom, which I think you’ve demonstrated by the fake texts. One thing I would suggest with your blog post is having a little closing at the end of the post.


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