How many things do you see 🤯

 This week I have decided to focus on reflection photography, also known as mirror photography. I knew from the start this was going to be the most difficult and most challenging type of photography I was going to take. But … I was willing to put myself up for the challenge! I thought I would try using my iPhone XR this week because of how many photos I was having to take.

I had trouble thinking of ways that these pictures could actually work and turn out looking good. I googled, searched Pinterest and asked one of my friends that is a photographer to help me out and send me in the right direction. Usually, I find that Pinterest has the best ideas for absolutely anything but I can say google definitely stole the show in this type of photography. I noticed that it is a type of photography that isn’t as popular as others. 

I can admit that I am really not a creative person but taking on photography for my learning project has really opened my mind to thinking outside the box. I was intrigued to take photos using a mirror, water, and to attempt with frozen ice. Mother nature has been playing some games with our weather this past week so all the ice that I had around me now turned to puddles of water!

I did some research on reflection photography before starting to take my photos. I got myself to think that this type of photography was intimidating and would be almost impossible to accomplish. After reading through some websites I learned that these types of photos are very similar to landscape photos. That blew my mind. 4 main tips that I found that would be helpful for this type of photography is:

  1. Reduce shutter speed(to take multiple photos)
  2. Use a tripod 
  3. Having a wide-angle lens (not mandatory but helps)
  4. Using props to make your photos more detailed

I feel that these pictures didn’t turn out as good as I would have liked them too but I believe if I continue to practice them they will get better. If anyone has any other tips that they think would be good for capturing this type of photography I would love to know! So happy to have you following along with my learning journey! Also if anyone has any suggestions of what type of photography I could try next that would be much appreciated 🙂 Stay tuned for more photos!

5 thoughts on “How many things do you see 🤯

  1. I think that you are too hard on yourself! I am curious to know what you specifically didn’t like about the way your photos turned out this week? (I think they all look very cool) I personally love how the photo in the middle turned out. It was smart to use your iPhone because you knew that you were going to be taking a large amount of photos! I look forward to checking back with next week.


  2. This is super cool Reilee and I think they turned out really well! I also agree with Alyssa that you are being too hard on yourself because these are super creative and they turned out great. I know there is always room for improvement but so cool that you captured these with your iPhone. Some ideas of photography that you could try is candid with friends or family in them or action shots of a sport. Can’t wait to see what you think of next week!


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