Big Birthday Wishes 🎈

What’s better than being able to capture shots during a fun event? Nothing that I can think of, hahaha! I had so much fun being able to capture different parts of this birthday party! I really felt that I was able to capture the mood with the photos that I took.

The smiles, the laughs, and the constant bonding were the main things I was trying to capture throughout the night. People talking and catching up on their lives and overall just having a good time. My main goal was to get a picture with everyone in the photo including myself so I attempted in using the self-timer on the camera while using my tripod. I didn’t get everyone in because the boys didn’t want to cooperate so I got one of the majority of the girls and I. This was my first time using the timer option on the camera and was amazed by how well it turned out. I watched a video on youtube on how to set my camera to the correct timer settings. My camera allowed me to choose to have a 3-second or 10-second countdown which was very helpful. We are a very dysfunctional group and we definitely needed that 10 seconds to be ready for the picture. (I think we didn’t end up getting the picture-perfect photo but we got one that outlines the personalities we all have haha!) I learned that by clicking the timer button the camera you are able to scroll over and decide how many pictures you want the camera to take as well. This acted just like a burst option on the I-phone.

Throughout the night I was able to use different styles of photography including portrait shots, action shots, candids, timer cam, and group photos. This way I was really able to capture people’s emotions throughout the night as well as pictures with me in them. I felt like I at least needed to get into some group photos lol.

Here’s a quick 1 minute tutorial on how to use the self timer on the Canon Rebel XSI

Overall it was such a great night and now we have multiple photos everyone will be able to reflect back on. It was my sister’s 22nd birthday so now she will have these pictures forever and to have as a keepsake. I 100% think that taking pictures is the best thing people can do: They make such good memories and they will always be there for you to look back on 20- 50 years from now! Pictures are gifts in themselves❤️

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