This week I decided to focus more on learning how to edit my photos! Have you ever had some object or item wreck your entire photo? I never thought anything was able to remove it and the picture was just wrecked because of the photo bomber! Technology saved the day on this one! 

I was watching videos on tik tok one day and came across this video! It showed what app to use to erase any unwanted objects in your photos. Not only did it give the name of the app which was Retouch but in 60 seconds it also explained how to use it! CRAZY RIGHT? I love tik tok for the reason you never know what you are going to come across! Whenever I have extra time on my hands I love going on tik tok to see what I can find! I got my wisdom teeth out last Thursday so I’ve had quite a bit of time to browse lol! 

The app that was recommended on tik tok costed money so instead, I tried an app called removal lite! This app was free which is so much better for a college student’s bank account lol! I found that it worked very similar to the one shown on tik tok! It didn’t have as many options, but it did have everything I needed to erase the unwanted things out of my pictures! 

I think this app will come in handy and can also be very useful to use in the classroom as well. This will be good for when there are pictures being taken in the classroom and maybe a kid that doesn’t have permission to have his face on the internet gets in on the background of the picture. This app will allow you to erase them out of the picture completely!

Instead of taking new pictures this week, I decided to scroll back to some of my older photos to erase the unwanted objects out of them! Here are some before and after pictures of how well the app worked! As you can see the app doesn’t do a 100% job but it still erases the objects that you don’t want to be there. I think the Retouch app would be a little bit better but as the saying goes “you get what you pay for”

3 thoughts on “OH NO! I DON’T WANT THAT THERE 🚫

  1. I showed my Mom this post and she loved it. She hates when people get in the way of her picture taking when we are on the boat, like your picture #2 on this post, that might be the best removal job of all the pictures. I am glad to see that TikTok is bringing you some ideas and you are using it to gain knowledge, I always just thought it was just for dancing and nothing else. Great job!


  2. I showed my Mom this post and she loved it. People are always getting in the way of her picture taking on the boat like your picture #2. That picture also looks like the best edit job. I like how you used TikTok as a tool for learning, I guess it serves as more than just a platform for people to dance on. Great Job!


  3. I love TikTok so much, and I have also learned so much from it! I have seen those videos all over TikTok and it convinced me to even get the app! The Retouch app is great, but some images give it a hard time too! I wish I had known about it when I was taking pictures for my cousin’s last football game, as I struggled to edit people on the sidelines out haha! The app you found seems great too though! Keep up the great work!


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