This semester has come and gone in a flash! Ed Tech has become one of my favourite classes from the semester! I loved how engaging it was and all the amazing people I got to meet. I still remember logging into zoom for the first time and seeing so many unfamiliar faces! Throughout the course of this class, I began to slowly meet the people from when we got divided into breakout rooms and through reading people’s blogs! This class is filled with many knowledgeable and talented human beings.

I feel like I contributed to many of my classmate’s learning through the 13 weeks of this class! I felt like I contributed lots to my classmate’s learning from commenting on blog posts. I tried to at least comment on 3-7 blog posts a week. I loved being able to watch my classmates grow through their learning projects. Through reading the blogs I was also able to find knowledgeable information that I could use in the future. 

I feel like I also got to contribute to my classmates learning through Twitter! I just began using twitter at the beginning of this course and found out that I really enjoyed it! On Twitter, I was able to share valuable information and resources with all my classmates for them to use whenever they need! I love that on Twitter you are able to connect with anyone from around the world. It is a place to build a big community.

I loved being able to contribute to one of my classmate’s learning from doing a group assignment! I was placed with Ashlyn Helmeczi and got to cybersleuth her social media accounts! I got to allow her to know what I could see on her account and gave her feedback on what she could delete or change!

I am very upset that this class is now wrapped up but I am thankful for everything I have learned from everyone! This is going to continue to be a learning journey for everyone! The learning never stops! Thanks for following along with all of my learning! Hope to see you again soon!

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