Grade 8 Phys-Ed Volleyball Game


Name: Date: Time: 50min School/Lab: Grade: 8 Cooperating Teacher/Lab Partner:
Subject: Gym Topic: Volleyball Game Professional Target: Student Motivation: Students giving everyone a chance and being involved in the game
Outcomes (from SaskEd):PE8.4 Utilize, including smooth transitions, complex movement skills that combine locomotor (traveling) skills, non-locomotor (non-traveling) skills, and manipulative (moving objects) skills (e.g., lay-up in basketball, spike in volleyball, hoop dancing, dribbling to a shot in soccer, rhythmical gymnastics movement, gathering a grounder and throwing to a base in softball, stick handling to a shot in floor hockey, ball control while moving in double ball) to enhance personal performance and enjoyment in a variety of movement activities.

Indicators (from SaskEd): a)Demonstrate the ability to repeatedly perform a skill at game appropriate speed without hesitation.

c) Demonstrate the ability to smoothly apply variations to a complex skill as required by a situation (e.g., basketball: reverse pivot to shot, reverse pivot while dribbling to avoid an opponent, cross-over dribble to avoid an opponent; educational gymnastics: tossing and catching a ball while rotating, while balancing, while leaping and landing).

Cross-curricular Competencies (CCC’s): Develop Thinking : Think and Learn Creatively
Adaptive Dimension/Accommodations:If there is more than 12 students in class that day have a student sub in after and a rotation has finished
Classroom Management strategies: Divide the students equally so one team isn’t extremely stronger than the other. Make it as fair as possible. Divide boys and girls onto both teams
Teaching Method: Skills Lesson

What you want students to know.
How you tell if students achieved objectives.
Mental: students will be able to list the rules of a volleyball game
Emotional: students will be able to enjoy playing a volleyball game with their classmates
Physical: students will be able to play an entire game of volleyball

Spiritual: students will be able to have respect for all their teammates

HOW: I will assess through observation

WHAT: students will be playing
a volleyball game

WHY: to assess the students understanding of how to play volleyball and how they treat
their teammates

Volleyball net

Tipi Pole Teaching : RESPECT
Students will respect their teammates and
even support them when they make a mistake during the game, losing their team the point

SET(Introduction to the lesson):
Gather all students on the back line. To warm up play the game “If you have ever…… run” Play about 10-15 rounds of the game so the students are warmed up. Divide the teams by the 1,2,1,2 strategy so the students aren’t paired up with their friends.

5 min
PROCEDURE(What you plan to do and how you’ll do it):
-Divide the two teams on both sides of the gym
-Have 6 students on each side of the court

Have two students come play rock, paper and scissors to see which side serves first
-Play up to 25 points (play up to 15 the second game if there’s time)
-Have the extra students sub in after a rotation has completed once
-Keep score with a scoreboard

INDEPENDENT PRACTICE(What you want the students to do on their own): Students will bump, set,spike and serve depending on what they need to during the game.

CLOSURE(Summary of the lesson or transition to the next lesson): Have the students shake hands with the opposing team no matter what team wins or loses. Have the losing team put away the volleyball net then go get changed

5 min

Intern: Lesson Topic: Volleyball Game

Professional Target::Student Motivation: Students giving everyone a chance and being involved in the game

Data Collector:

What did the student teacher do if the students were hogging the ball the whole game? What else could she have done?

Did the student teacher seperate the students equally? What other techniques could she have used instead?

How did the student teacher get all the students involved in the volleyball game? How did she make the gym atmosphere positive?