Teaching about digital literacy in the k-8 grade level could be somewhat of a challenge. Not so much with grades 5-8 but more so with the little ones. Most of the smaller kids won’t understand what you are talking about nor what you are trying to get them to notice when looking on the internet. Most of the little kids from K-1 can barely read so this type of information wouldn’t really phase them at that age. If I was being placed in the age range from grade 5-6 I believe there are many ways to incorporate this into the lessons.

As I read on the Ed Can fact sheet that Katia is an expert on, I took note of the many great strategies that were listed. I believe that when teaching children for what websites they should gather their information from they should remember to use verification websites so they are able to only read resourceful information. As teachers, we should continue to give the students examples of fake news websites and real/ resourceful information and have their minds determine which is which and explain how they know. This will allow the children to get practice on what to look for when they are trying to stay up to date with everything going on around the world. The would fit great into social studies in the curriculum with the current events.

I googled tips on how to properly teach students about digital literacy and the tips that showed up fit perfectly for the age range I needed them for. The students are usually 10-11 years old in the grades and are using technology a lot when they are at school and are at home. I believe the most important step is to teaching the students how to be safe and responsible online. Most importantly to teach them the importance of critical thinking and them not believing everything they read that may be on the internet.

Reading the comic article I love how it states that “I let the emotional cortex fight its little fight, And then I listen. And then I change. Because this universe of ours is so achingly beautiful. And we’re all in it together. We’re all going in the same direction. I’m not here to take control of the wheel. Or tell you what to do. I’m just here to tell you its okay to stop. To listen. To change”. To me, this indicated that everyone is going to have their own opinion but you should never force people to believe in what you believe in. News is constantly coming from everywhere and not everything is going to be true. We need to stop, look to make sure its REAL news and then try to find other articles on news websites to confirm.

In the TedED video, they state a lot of very useful information. I found it interesting when they stated: “if everyone is a reporter nobody is”. Many sources may only come from people that didn’t read the real information/ stories and are anonymous sources. To keep in mind it is important to teach our students to separate the facts from opinions. The video encouraged us to try checking for the latest information at several points in the day rather than every few minutes. Allowing for complete details to emerge and false reports to be refueded. We need to remember to verify the news before spreading it. We have so much freedom on the internet in today’s society. But with the freedom, we need to remember that it comes responsibility.

Oh, the news we can find on the web


This week I decided to focus more on learning how to edit my photos! Have you ever had some object or item wreck your entire photo? I never thought anything was able to remove it and the picture was just wrecked because of the photo bomber! Technology saved the day on this one! 

I was watching videos on tik tok one day and came across this video! It showed what app to use to erase any unwanted objects in your photos. Not only did it give the name of the app which was Retouch but in 60 seconds it also explained how to use it! CRAZY RIGHT? I love tik tok for the reason you never know what you are going to come across! Whenever I have extra time on my hands I love going on tik tok to see what I can find! I got my wisdom teeth out last Thursday so I’ve had quite a bit of time to browse lol! 

The app that was recommended on tik tok costed money so instead, I tried an app called removal lite! This app was free which is so much better for a college student’s bank account lol! I found that it worked very similar to the one shown on tik tok! It didn’t have as many options, but it did have everything I needed to erase the unwanted things out of my pictures! 

I think this app will come in handy and can also be very useful to use in the classroom as well. This will be good for when there are pictures being taken in the classroom and maybe a kid that doesn’t have permission to have his face on the internet gets in on the background of the picture. This app will allow you to erase them out of the picture completely!

Instead of taking new pictures this week, I decided to scroll back to some of my older photos to erase the unwanted objects out of them! Here are some before and after pictures of how well the app worked! As you can see the app doesn’t do a 100% job but it still erases the objects that you don’t want to be there. I think the Retouch app would be a little bit better but as the saying goes “you get what you pay for”

Big Birthday Wishes 🎈

What’s better than being able to capture shots during a fun event? Nothing that I can think of, hahaha! I had so much fun being able to capture different parts of this birthday party! I really felt that I was able to capture the mood with the photos that I took.

The smiles, the laughs, and the constant bonding were the main things I was trying to capture throughout the night. People talking and catching up on their lives and overall just having a good time. My main goal was to get a picture with everyone in the photo including myself so I attempted in using the self-timer on the camera while using my tripod. I didn’t get everyone in because the boys didn’t want to cooperate so I got one of the majority of the girls and I. This was my first time using the timer option on the camera and was amazed by how well it turned out. I watched a video on youtube on how to set my camera to the correct timer settings. My camera allowed me to choose to have a 3-second or 10-second countdown which was very helpful. We are a very dysfunctional group and we definitely needed that 10 seconds to be ready for the picture. (I think we didn’t end up getting the picture-perfect photo but we got one that outlines the personalities we all have haha!) I learned that by clicking the timer button the camera you are able to scroll over and decide how many pictures you want the camera to take as well. This acted just like a burst option on the I-phone.

Throughout the night I was able to use different styles of photography including portrait shots, action shots, candids, timer cam, and group photos. This way I was really able to capture people’s emotions throughout the night as well as pictures with me in them. I felt like I at least needed to get into some group photos lol.

Here’s a quick 1 minute tutorial on how to use the self timer on the Canon Rebel XSI

Overall it was such a great night and now we have multiple photos everyone will be able to reflect back on. It was my sister’s 22nd birthday so now she will have these pictures forever and to have as a keepsake. I 100% think that taking pictures is the best thing people can do: They make such good memories and they will always be there for you to look back on 20- 50 years from now! Pictures are gifts in themselves❤️

Rei The Spy🕵🏼‍♂️

Being able to act as a spy and see what we could find out our partners was a lot more fun than I thought. It is crazy to see what others can see that you may have known was visible! 

I had the chance to friendly sleuth on Ashlyn’s social media. I have her on every social media except for Facebook so I pretty much had full access to all her posts. I believe it would have been a lot different if I didn’t have her on everything and wasn’t able to access everything throughout her accounts. Here is what I found out about Ashlyn while looking through all of her social media!

I thought my social media accounts were a lot more private then they came out to be. Even though Ashlyn doesn’t have me on Facebook she was still able to see all my photos including the ones that I was tagged in. This got me thinking and realizing that I have to make my accounts a lot more private, especially since I am going into an education career where the little kids are like a little spy’s finding out anything they can on their teacher. I can admit that I live a pretty interesting life with traveling lots, going to many different events, and always being involved in different activities. I feel like with being a teacher it is important to keep my social life away from my students. I need to keep a professional figure around my students and their families.

I read the article Split Image about the girl named Madison. A heartbreaking article to read since no one in her family knew that Madison was upset or planning to kill herself. It’s sad to read something so tragic but the sad thing is that it happens all the time. A line in the article that really stuck out to me was that “everyone presents an edited version of life on social media”. Even though some people have a hard time admitting it, it is 100% true. My social media makes it look like I live a perfect life full of traveling, activities, family, and friends. I am not the one to post my struggles or my feelings but I can admit I go through tough days just like every other human on this planet. I strongly believe that no life will be perfect because without struggles or obstacles we could not make ourselves the strong people we are. As this article states that “it is OK to not be OK”. This line will always be an important quote to remember. As teachers, we need to make talking about mental awareness a normal thing. Letting the students know that there is always someone that is willing to talk and things do get better. Everyone needs to know that they are not alone and that there is always help available. As teachers, we also have to remind students to be careful about what they post on the internet. In the video One Tweet Can Ruin Your Life it knows you what kind of impact social media can have on a person. It shows that no matter what you post on the internet will be there forever. It is important to watch what you say and what you post especially if it could be hurtful or inappropriate for others to see. The internet is a crazy thing.

How many things do you see 🤯

 This week I have decided to focus on reflection photography, also known as mirror photography. I knew from the start this was going to be the most difficult and most challenging type of photography I was going to take. But … I was willing to put myself up for the challenge! I thought I would try using my iPhone XR this week because of how many photos I was having to take.

I had trouble thinking of ways that these pictures could actually work and turn out looking good. I googled, searched Pinterest and asked one of my friends that is a photographer to help me out and send me in the right direction. Usually, I find that Pinterest has the best ideas for absolutely anything but I can say google definitely stole the show in this type of photography. I noticed that it is a type of photography that isn’t as popular as others. 

I can admit that I am really not a creative person but taking on photography for my learning project has really opened my mind to thinking outside the box. I was intrigued to take photos using a mirror, water, and to attempt with frozen ice. Mother nature has been playing some games with our weather this past week so all the ice that I had around me now turned to puddles of water!

I did some research on reflection photography before starting to take my photos. I got myself to think that this type of photography was intimidating and would be almost impossible to accomplish. After reading through some websites I learned that these types of photos are very similar to landscape photos. That blew my mind. 4 main tips that I found that would be helpful for this type of photography is:

  1. Reduce shutter speed(to take multiple photos)
  2. Use a tripod 
  3. Having a wide-angle lens (not mandatory but helps)
  4. Using props to make your photos more detailed

I feel that these pictures didn’t turn out as good as I would have liked them too but I believe if I continue to practice them they will get better. If anyone has any other tips that they think would be good for capturing this type of photography I would love to know! So happy to have you following along with my learning journey! Also if anyone has any suggestions of what type of photography I could try next that would be much appreciated 🙂 Stay tuned for more photos!

Important Info For Karen

This week me and Ashlyn decided to have a conversation between a parent and the teacher regarding using social media in the classroom. The parent Karen is very unsure of using social media in the classroom since she doesn’t know to much about it and thinks it will take away from her child’s learning. The teacher sees Karen’s concerns and assures Karen of why they are using it and the benefits it may have within the classroom. We used a website called Fake text message to make this look like a real life conversation and something you could experience as a teacher. We all know that there is both pros and cons to using social media within the classroom, but if you are only using the media for the right reasons you could avoid having problems. It is very important to have internet safety talks with your students no matter what age they are. Technology is a part of life now and everyone including kids have access to it all the time. Even though in this situation the teacher is not allowing the students to have access to the social media account in the classroom, it is important for the students to know what and what not to do when they are using the sites on their own time. I found a great website that has all the tips and tricks to practicing safe online and social media safety!

Bon Appetit🥗🥓

This week I decided to take on food photography. I really enjoyed taking photos of my food but I am incredibly sorry to anyone who gets hungry looking at these photos. I will link the recipes to all the meals I have made since they were all to die for!

This week I also decided I was going to edit the photos that I took. I used the basic editor on my iPhone which I found did the job well. I adjusted the brightness, highlights, and shadows so I was able to make the food stand out in the photos and be more vibrant. I also adjusted the contrast in the photos to adjust the tones that were available in the photos. I took multiple pictures of the food I made just so I could get the best angle. I swear my family thought I was crazy from how interested I was with the food I cooked lol. I kept my camera in the original AV mode which adjusts the lighting in the photos before taking the photo. I used my best friend google to find out which mode was the best for this type of photography. I followed along with COOKIE and Kate to find out some of the best tips to take food photography.

The first meal I made was a chicken bacon ranch chicken breast. I would have to say it was my favorite out of everything I have made. The chicken was so moist and had so much flavor. I added tomatoes on top after to just for some extra flavor. With the chicken, I roasted some asparagus in the oven. I drizzled olive oil over them with minced garlic and herb and garlic seasoning. I let them cook in the oven for 10 minutes then added cheese to be melted onto them. The cheese added so much flavor and made them taste incredible!! For dessert, I bought a chocolate caramel pecan cheesecake from the M&M meat shop. 10/10 would recommend for anyone that has a sweet tooth.

The next meal I made is for all the seafood and salad lovers out there. I made garlic shrimp with a mixed green salad and stuffed mushrooms.The shrimp were sauteed in butter and garlic spread seasoning. I allowed them to sit and simmer on the stove for a good 5-10 minutes so all the flavor could absorb into the shrimp. The green salad had a variety of romaine lettuce, kale, spinach and some red cabbage in it topped with creamy poppy seed dressing. The stuffed mushrooms I just created myself with whipping together cheddar cheese, celery, peppers, and onions. It will make your lips water it is so appetizing and filling!

Hope I didn’t make you to hungry with these photos! Thanks for following along with my photography journey, stay tuned for more photos 🙂