Getting Connected With Feedly

This week I got myself signed up for an account on Feedly! Feedly is a feed reader that gathers information from around the web and puts it into one convenient place. I personally have never heard of this website but for my needs and interests it has become very useful and  handy! I love that there is such a great variety for everything you may need!

I have followed quite a few pages already that caught my interest. I was able to find some photography pages to help intrigue me with different ideas for my learning project. I was also able to find a bunch of great teaching resources! I always get excited when finding good resources because it gives me new ideas to try in the classroom with my students. I followed some news pages as well to keep me updated of any important things going on in our province and country.

One page that I have found very resourceful was The Curriculum Corner 123. I found this page while searching and scrolling through other educational pages. This page I found to be very resourceful for all teaching needs in the elementary years. It has everything from classroom games, activities to different teaching strategies. I believe this will come in handy once I am back in the classroom again and have new ideas and new ways to teach the students. Variety is always good and makes learning fun!

I believe there are so many benefits to this Feedly website! It also comes in an app which makes it more convenient to always have resourceful information right at your fingertips! The greatest benefit I found from Feedly is that you get to see all the information you want in one single place rather than having to visit each website , blog , etc. I plan on using this website/app a lot because I believe it will come in handy.

My Feedly Page

6 thoughts on “Getting Connected With Feedly

  1. I enjoyed reading this blog! Thank you for sharing information on The Curriculum Corner 123. After sharing that it has classroom games, and activities for different teaching strategies I most definitely will be checking it out. I also agree with you, I LOVE how all of the information on Feedly is in one place. It is so convenient!!


  2. Thanks for sharing Reilee! Feedly was also new to me and I have never heard of the other RSS sources either. it is really amazing and handy to see all these blogs and articles that interest you. I also really like the app because everything is right there and no need to do searching or go to multiple sites to find information. I am looking forward to using Feedly throughout the semester and in the future too.


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