Picture This

Photography has always been an interest to me but I never had the time to dig deeper into the learning of how to properly use a camera or the editing of the photos. I bought a canon rebel xsi over 3 years ago thinking that I would get into taking pictures but it never happened. I am thrilled to finally take it out of its box and put it to good use for this project.

Over the course of this learning project I hope to learn a lot more about what my camera and iphone xr are able to do with photography. I want to be able to explore the different settings on the camera and discover the difference of what it does for a photo. 

Throughout this project I also hope to dig into some different photo editing apps on my phone for the photos I take with my camera and iPhone. I want to play around more with light exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, sharpness and definition. I will be posting the before and after of the photos to show how much a photo can change with a few small adjustments.

Different types of photographs I plan on exploring more are:

Portraits : Pictures of a person or groups of people 

Nature – pictures of the outdoors and things in nature

Landscape – mode when taking photos of a scene not a single object

Food – taking attractive still life photos of food

Black and White- Photos that have no colour

Close up- Taking a photo close up really showing features of a person or thing 

Panorama- wide angle view

Action shots- picture taken with a person or thing when in motion of doing something

I am very excited to start digging into my camera and photographs at another level with exploring new settings, techniques and angles. I look forward to learning new things because there is so much to learn in regards to the new technology and all of the new apps out there for photo editing.

Keep posted for new photographs and tweets about how my photography learning journey is going!

2 thoughts on “Picture This

  1. Sounds like a useful project idea! I’m excited to see some comparison photos. Also, good structure for your blog post. It is helpful to break up your points as it makes it easier for readers. Good links as well, although you might want to consider editing so that when readers click the link it takes them to a new tab.


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